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Client: NS

By Dutch Railways NS, we were asked to improve the customer journey. We applied movement to the train interior to increase happiness. We placed the add-on furniture inside the train and tested how it affected people their emotions. On the Macaron moving cushion, people were more cheerful and excited compared to a first class train seat. On the Bambata water sofa, people were more open for conversations and on the Floatile waterfloor, people felt more excited. Target groups relating to gender and age were discovered, giving NS the tools to increase the user satisfaction.

Commissioners: (NS) Jessica Sauren, Evelien ten Elsen, Mark van Hagen, Joost van der Made

Design Team Enrichers:
Govert Flint, Jantien Roozenburg, Aliki van der Kruijs, Govert Geerts & Kim Haagen

Elizabeth Nelson with Govert Flint

Data collection: Meet4Research | Hans-Peter Voss

Data Analysis: Klaas Nagel
Photos by: Maaike Poelen & Afdeling Beeld

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