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Do people hit it traffic light button still much on with the hands? Or did the corona pandemic change people's behavior operating public buttons with the elbow instead? The Lean On Me button is designed to be touched with the full body instead with fingers. It got designed for the city of Eindhoven and derived from the research on Neo Hygiene.

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"Neo Hygiene" is a holistic view hygiene. Currently we have a strong image that is something hygienic when it is easy to clean. So we are usually materials like
plastics, glass and stainless steel go use in public transport, at stations, at lifts and in public areas.



These smooth hard materials are very easy to clean. The paradox is just that slippery hard materials keep virus particles much longer alive on the
surface. Places where different
people use the same product are places where serious needs are looking for alternatives on touch with hands. A traffic light button is used almost every minute by another pedestrian. Coronavirus survives for 5 days on plastic. In the Neo Hygiene there will be a shift from designing buttons to be used with fingers and hands to everything BUT fingers and hands.

Read more about Neo Hygiene.

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DO_Leun Op Mij Stoplichtknop - Enrichers


To make sure both children and adults are able to use the button with their shoulders, the Lean On Me button is 1.57 meters in height. It is placed as an add-on and can be placed on top of existing finger buttons of traffic lights.


During a pandemic, a hand-touch traffic light button is used by 43% of the people with hand palms compared to 7% using hand palms to activate the Lean On Me button.  During a pandemic, the Lean On Me button reduces 6 times the risk of transmission by surface and when there is no pandemic, it reduces the spread of common illnesses like the flue.


2020-04-14 Design Digger

2020-04-28 Eén Vandaag

2020-05-20 De Groene Amsterdammer

2020-06-16 Pakhuis de Zwijger

2020-07-13 De Ingenieur

2020-07-14 BNR Nieuwsradio

2020-10-16 Trouw

2020-10-18 Mondo

2020-10-19 De NieuwsBV

2020-10-20 Eén Vandaag

2020-10-21 BNR NIeuwsradio

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