Client: BMW iPure Pulse   

Did you know your movements influence your emotions? We all favour certain activities above others. The things we do in our leisure time, are good clues to find personal happiness.

With a Motion Design Workshop for 50 clients of BMW i8, we asked people what they like to do most. They were asked what movements they make with their hobbies. Then they had to analyze what emotions they feel while making these specific movements. Based on their movements, people designed parts of their BMW i8; for being able to feel more often the emotions they like to feel most. 

The outcome was surprising. 

  • One team designed a stir wheel that becomes softer when you drive fast, so the squeezing becomes more comfortable. 

  • Another team loved hunting and wanted their navigation system to function more intuitive; by pointing into your projected navigation inside the front window, you can decide where you would like to go to. 

  • There were different types of door handles designed, ranging from a door you can kick, to a door that swings open as your virtual ballroom dancing partner. 

This workshop is ideal for generating customer feedback based on subconscious feelings and preferences. 

Design Team Enrichers: 
Govert Flint & Kim Haagen

Photos by: Olivier Matthys