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client: Hästens

Did you know the quality of your sleep is highly influenced by what you do during the day? Bed company Hästens asked us how you can improve ‘sleeping’ without changing the bed. We focussed on the enrichment element ‘Circadian rhythms’ to understand how the activities during the day can prepare yourself for a good night of rest. 

We proposed for Hästens the lifestyle ‘Wakefulness’ based on state-of-the-art insights from University of Cambridge. 

Examples are:

  • A digital calendar that also displays your sleeping time and shows it to you when you plan activities that sabotages your melatonin system. 

  • A smart climate system that drops the room temperature to 18 degrees when you go to bed and goes up when you want to wake up. 

  • Smart lighting that becomes red after sunset and is bright blue during the day.

  • An alarm clock that doesn’t display the time, 8 hours before it rings, so you cannot feel stressed about not falling asleep. 

Scientific partner: 
University of Cambridge | Professor Jenny Morton   

Design Team Enrichers: 
Govert Flint

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