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Designer Rombout Frieling and Govert Flint from Enrichers worked on 10 new concepts to enhance the travel experience at public transport stops. On this page 2 concepts are highlighted.


One example is playing a Pong game while waiting. As soon as two people sit opposite each other, the gaming field is turned on. People can control the Pong bar by moving their bodies on the bench. This not only makes waiting more fun, it also makes people feel safer in a playful way by being able to make contact with others at stops at a comfortable distance. The elements of Environmental Enrichment included in this particular Pong concept are Motor (balance & full body movement) and Cognition (learning to play the game & being in contact with others).



The second example is to make information of trams into a physical experience. Waiting is great, you have a few minutes to yourself. But instead of seeing people enjoying their waiting time, they stare, are bored and look at the end of the tramtrack as if it makes the tram arrive quicker. Instead, when a tram arrives, large volumes drop down and inflate themselves into large baloons. People waiting for the tram feel the wind blowing, the light is changing colour and an ambient sound can be heard from the inflation of the baloon. The enrichment stimuli of this design are Visual (change of colour, orienting yourself and where the tram is), Cognition (learning the baloons provide information) and Somatosensory (the changes of teemperature, light and wind felt with your skin).

Enrich it up!

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