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Welcome to the Neo Hygiene, an era where public spaces are designed to interact without the need to use your hands.


Enriched Office

Schiphol Real Estate

To explore how a physical space influences happiness & well-being at work, we started

by designing the 5 informational paths of
enrichment (motor, visual, somatosensory,
circadian rhythms and cognition) into furniture, lamps and surfaces as part of three meeting rooms:

1. Plain - subtle stimulation
2. Spicy - stimulative
3. Extra Chunky - highly stimulative

During one year the three enriched meeting rooms got booked through a booking platform. Every visitor had the choice to meet in one of the three spaces by entering the room. With Prof. neurobiology Jenny Morton from University of Cambridge we came up
with the hypothesis people intuitively choose the type of space which is best to their needs. By creating three competing meeting
spaces with 8 places, we can see based on preference what type of person prefers what type of space for what activity.



Active Train Interior

Netherlands Railways

Netherlands Railways NS asked Enrichers to improve the user satisfaction. Our hypothesis is that we can improve people their happiness
by applying environmental enrichment. For Netherlands Railways we designed round Floatiles (water disks), an L-shaped water sofa and a series of active Macaron cushions to be used on top of existing seats.

In our active train interior, people felt cozier.
They ranked our concept with an 8.7 out of 10. The brand value of NS increased.


Together with Elizabeth Nelson, we made inquiries and asked people how they felt. We saw people felt happier / more cheerful on top of Macaron active cushions. Women went from 39% to 53% happiness when they sat on
a Macaron. Men went from 31% to 60% happiness. With frequent travelers we also saw an increase from 38% to 59% happiness.


Overall people ranked our active interior with an 8.7 on a scale of 0 to 10.


Future Prooff


For furniture brand Prooff we conducted a research on the future of work in relation to well-being. Based on neuroscientist Alan Watkins his model of performance, six different specialists were interviewed. Every specialist shared their insights on how their layer of Watkins’ model met well-being and work.


For example Neuroscientist Elizabeth Nelson was asked how physiology relates to

well-being and work. The outcome provides

a variety of design methods that can be applied to design an office interior. An example is to design silent spaces for concentration and spaces with arousal for routine-based activities. The full report can be downloaded on the website of Prooff.


Bionic Chair

Graduation Design Academy

Although our bodies are evolved to move, we tend to design our objects based on monofunctional use and posture. Technology is taking over more functions our bodies were used to execute, developing a useless body for tomorrow. Instead of using our body for productive life, we compensate the lack thereof with leisure activities. Moving our body becomes a choice, a lifestyle and therewith segregated.

By observing dancers of the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, I found movements that positively relate with emotions. Full body movement correlates with happiness. The most static and dominant activity we have in daily life is sitting (behind the computer). To make this activity dynamic, I made an exo skeleton chair that allows the body to move freely. Sami Sabik worked on the digital translation. The gravity point of the body moves the mouse and you'll click by kicking a leg. With this chair the body dynamics become functional, bringing functionality more close to the amount and frequency our bodies are evolved to move for.


Smart Furniture Sensor

Self commissioned

Together with programmer Tonn van Bussel and graduating student Timothy Algera we developed the Smart Furniture Sensor. It is a disk which can be placed into any seat and it can detect your heartbeat, as well as movements.


Smart phones, tablets and laptops make us sit longer, making us have a highly sedentary lifestyle that might contribute to the development of diabetes 2 and colon cancer. With the Smart Furniture Sensor, any seat can become a computer mouse, moving your interface with full body movements.


Apart from movements, the sensor can also detect heartbeat signals. Aim is to develop biofeedback-based interior architecture. With reading out the heart rate variability from the seat, we can potentially see what type of enrichment people need in what space to reduce stress.

We are working on supplying the sensor white label to other furniture companies. Are you interested in this technology?





Creatures With Creations
& Their Segregation Of Joy

A design research into how emotions
and movements are connected and
how you can evoke expressions with
product interaction.


Motion Design Workshop

Various clients

The Motion Design Workshop was originally created for BMWi Pure Impulse. To gain insights into subconscious needs of customers, we developed a method to find out within one hour what product interactions are having the highest impact to increase happiness with users.


To explore how environmental enrichment can be applied space, product or business, you can order a custom made Motion Design Workshop.





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